Eisaku  A39 Surfboards / IPD Surfboards Shaper

Eisaku was born in Osaka in 1962. His father was a carpenter and his mom had a Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) restaurant. He is 5th child out of 6 children.

When Eisaku was a teenager, he wanted to become a carpenter and follow in his father’s footsteps. Once he started surfing, he utilized his carpentering skills and started to repair surfboards at a local surf shop. Finding his passion of craftsmanship in both surfing and carpentering, lead him to find his interest in surfboard shaping.

Admiring the work and lifestyle of two legendary shapers, Rusty Preisendorfer and Bob Hurley, Eisaku landed in Huntington Beach, California 30 years ago. He was lucky enough to be a part of their workshops and there he learned all of the basics and ideologies of shaping surfboards.

Currently, Eisaku is the only shaper who is approved to shape for “IPD”(International Pro Designs), a surfboard brand founded by Bob Hurley under his philosophy.

Not only that, Eisaku also shapes for his own brand “A39 Surfboards”, as well as Huntington Beach’s long established brand “Chuck Dent Surfboards”, and “Vega Surfboards”, which is the original brand of Southern California’s top glassing factory, “Waterman’s Guild”.

In 2014, he also launched a kid’s surfboard brand “My First Surfboard” and a women’s surfboard brand “Pastel Reef”.


Eisaku  A39 Surfboards / IPD Surfboards シェイパー


父と同じ大工の道を目指していた10代のころサーフィンと出会い、手先の器用さを生かして地元のサーフショップでボード修理のアルバイトを始める。大工と同じように、職人の手で物を作る所からシェイプにも興味をもち始める。レジェンドと呼ばれるシェイパーであり、現在は世界的人気アパレルメーカーを率いるHurleyとRustyがシェイプしたボードにあこがれ、海を渡って南カリフォルニアのハンティントンビーチにやってきたのは30年前。そして幸運にも彼らの工房に出入りを許され、シェイプの基本と理念を徹底的に学び、Hurleyが自らの理想のボードを求めて作りあげたサーフボードブランド”IPD”(International Pro Designs)と銘打ったボードを削ることを認められた唯一の日本人シェイパー。

現在”IPD Surfboards”に加え、自らのブランド”A39 Surfboards”、ハンティントンビーチの老舗ブランド”Chuck Dent Surfboards”、南カリフォルニアのトップグラッシングファクトリー、”Waterman’s Guild”のオリジナルブランド”Vega Surfboards”のシェイパーとしても活動中。2014年には子供用サーフボードライン”My First Surfboard”と、女性に特化したライン”Pastel Reef” をローンチ。