Summer might be gone, but we can enjoy coffee after surf.


summer might be gone… I felt that feeling today. Maybe it just turned winter from summer without autumn.

By the way, it was pretty windy from this morning.

But, we headed to Huntington Beach from LA by glimmer of hope. It was mucho choppy and chunky condition, of course. It means, you have to deal with super hard paddling out.

Paddling out was really intense, but there were long face, waves were much better than looks!! Fortunately, we could have a couple of good waves.  But, it got close out from the noon.

I highly recommend if you plan to surf in OC, you should surf before noon because wind seems not to stop couple more days. So, we only have a chance to get good waves in the morning. Let’s go to the bed earlier sometimes, because summer is over. Time to rest the liver.ha




個人的な意見ですが、ハンティントンビーチはトラッセルズに比べると波のクオリティーは落ちますが、サーフシティと呼ばれるだけあって、ハンティントンは一年中コンスタントに波があります。逆にトラッセルズは、ノーススェルがあまり反応しないので冬はイマイチということを、頭の片隅に入れて置くとCAサーフトリップの際に役立つと思います。ちなみ、 今の時期ウエットは3mmフルがベストです!海にお出かけの際は、上着をお忘れなく!!海風はめちゃめちゃ冷たいです!!


A39_1 1102





I always grab beer after surf, especially, when I got good waves. But, it was too cold to have beer… So, we went to “Sit Stay Café” after surf.

You might know this coffee shop if you often surf in HB. This coffee spot is located little out side of Downtown HB. And this spot is really dog friendly. They have some food for dog. And people always hang with dog at patio.

This place is really chill, and they serve good coffee. If you are around HB, You should visit there. You can have great time with friends by good coffee and great atmosphere for sure.






They also carry some handmade items and photo from local Artist . That coffee shop is full of handmade feeling.

So that’s why, this coffee shop might attract many people from everywhere. Because this place is really peaceful!!
I recommend to have coffee session here, this place should give great time to you especially after surf. Let’s enjoy surf and after surf with coffee!!

Thank you for reading.




こんな感じで地元アーティストを支援する姿勢が 、暖かい雰囲気を作り、ビジターである、僕らをこのお店に引き寄せているのではないか?とコーヒーを啜りながら感じた。

サーフィン後に、サーファー仲間とコーヒーで談笑。そんな時間を作ってみると違った角度でサーフィンを楽しめるはずです!! コーヒーセッション、是非試して下さい!!





Sit Stay Café

Address: 328 11 Street, Suite E, Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Phone; 714-960-0009


Open: mon-fri 5:30AM~ 3:00 PM

Sat-Sun 6:00AM~3:00PM








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